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Ambassador István Major (Hungary)
F.ii Review of the application of the provisions of the section on geographical indications under Article 24.2
45. The Chairperson referred to document IP/C/W/102 and said that further informal consultations on this matter had resulted in the draft Checklist of Questions annexed to that document. He proposed that the Council take note of this Checklist and invite those Members already under an obligation to apply the provisions of the Section on Geographical Indications to provide their responses by 16 November 1998, it being understood that other Members could also furnish replies on a voluntary basis. This action could be taken by the Council on the understanding that both the questionnaire itself and the responses to it would be without prejudice to the rights and obligations of Members. Responding Members would be free to group their responses to questions as they found appropriate in the context of their national systems. It would further be understood that should Members have any additional points that they would wish to make regarding the questionnaire they could do so at the July 1998 meeting of the Council.