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Ambassador István Major (Hungary)
109. The Chairperson thanked the representative of WIPO for this useful information. As regards the informal consultations that he had held, he said that the discussions had focused on three main questions: first, what type of information the Council might wish to obtain as a basis for its work; second, what should be the particular focus of work in the Council, taking into account the issues that were already being addressed in other fora; and third, procedurally, how the Council should carry forward the work on this matter. In the light of the consultations held, he proposed that the Council proceed as follows: The Secretariat would be requested to prepare a factual background note examining the provisions of the TRIPS Agreement relevant to paragraph 4.1 of the Work Programme on Electronic Commerce. The note should also provide information on the relevant activities of WIPO and other intergovernmental organizations. The Council would revert to the matter at its next meeting, at which it should prepare a progress report for the General Council. The Chairperson would hold, before that time, further informal consultations. It would be open to Members to make contributions at any time, and Members were urged to do so.