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Ambassador Chak Mun See (Singapore)
60. The representative of Australia drew attention to a Joint Statement on the WTO TRIPS Agreement Implementation made at a meeting of APEC ministers responsible for trade held in Darwin, Australia on 6-7 June 2000. The Statement acknowledged the considerable progress that had been made in the development and strengthening of intellectual property administrations and enforcement systems in line with the TRIPS standards. It reaffirmed the commitment for the APEC economies to continue technical cooperation to bring about a full and sustained TRIPS implementation in a way compatible with the objectives of the Agreement. It reaffirmed the collective commitment to ensure that the necessary skills would be developed to enable the realization of the potential economic and social benefits of intellectual property rights in all APEC economies. And finally, it resolved on greater cooperation within the APEC region on the planning, development and delivery of public education programmes concerning intellectual property.