Report by Developed Country Members on the implementation of TRIPS Art. 66.2 (re. Technology Transfer to LDCs) - View details of the document

The following communication, dated 29 September 2011, is being circulated at the request of the delegation of Japan. _______________ 1. The Government of Japan has been conducting development cooperation activities in many fields. One of the most important objectives of the cooperation activities is to promote and encourage the transfer of technology. 2. Japan understands that incentive for technology transfer should be interpreted to include variety of measures such as financial support and support for business environment and that support for business environment by strengthening intellectual property protection is one of the effective measures to promote technology transfer by private sectors. Based on this understanding, Japan has provided many incentive measures. 3. With regard to the incentives that Japan provides enterprises and institutions in Japan, the Government of Japan would like to report on the following activities. The Government of Japan believes that the following activities contribute to raising the level of technological infrastructure in the least developed countries (LDCs), which will bring about further technology transfer.
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