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Trademarks (General Procedures) Administrative Instructions, A.I. No. 1 of 2005
This legislation was promulgated in order to provide for recent developments in the Belizean intellectual property system relating to areas such as opposition, revocation and invalidation proceedings. The procedures outlined in the above legislations are fair, equitable, simple, affordable, and entail reasonable time-limits (as per Article 41.2 of the TRIPS Agreement). Parties involved in a proceeding are given adequate opportunities to present evidence in respect of which such parties were offered the opportunity to be heard (as per Article 41.3 of the TRIP Agreement). Also, the final administrative decision of the Registrar is subject to review by a judicial authority (see Article 62.5 of the TRIPS Agreement read with sections 70, 62 and 23 of the Trade Marks Act, Patents Act and Industrial Designs Act respectively).
Made by the Registrar of Intellectual Property this 7th day of March, 2005.