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The Copyright Act 2014
related to rights holders. Its main objectives are to: (i) be compliant with the WCT and the WPPT; (ii) address the issues related to the internet and piracy; (iii) provide for protection to performers, producers of phonograms and broadcasting organisations and computer software and databases in addition to the current protection afforded to authors of artistic, literary or scientific work or of a derivative work; (iv) provide for limitations and exceptions in specific circumstances; (v) review the role and functions of the Mauritius Society of Authors (MASA) which has been replaced by the Rights Management Society; (vi) provide for quick remedies to authors, composers and other copyright holders in cases of infringements; (vii) provide for anti-circumvention measures and make provisions for ephemeral recordings. Another novelty which has been brought by the Act is the provisions for visually impaired persons. The volume of reading materials available for the visually impaired persons is less than 5%. The Act makes provisions for adaptation of works in line with the Treaty on Visually Impaired Persons which was adopted in 2013.
The Act shall come into operation on the date of Proclamation (31 July 2014)
The Copyright Act 1997 is repealed.
Authority responsible for overseeing the Copyright Act is as follows: Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Arts and Culture (responsible for policy issues regarding Copyright) Right Management Society, set up under the Copyright Act 2014 is responsible, inter alia, to collectively manage rights of author or other owner to authorize: - Reproduction of a work; - Translation of a work; - Adaptation, arrangement or other transformation of a work including cinematographic adaption; - Distribution to the public of the original or a fixed copy of a work; - Public performance of a work; - Broadcasting of a work; - Other forms of communication to public of a work and - Related rights. Commissioner of Police - Policing of criminal offences regarding breach of Copyright The responsibility of Intellectual property falls under the Intellectual Property Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Trade.