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Unfair Competition Act of 22 October 1992
Definition of unfair competition, protection of rights, sanctions. Art. 4: Incitation to violation of contract, Art. 5 lit. b: Unlawful exploitation of a third person's work; Art. 6: Violation of secrecy; Art. 16: Protection of secrecy in civil proceedings. (N.B.: The definition of secrecy has been developed by case law and corresponds to Art. 39.1 TRIPS Agreement). Art. 3: Definition of unfair competition; Art. 5 lit. c: Unlawful exploitation of a third person's work by technical means and without own effort. Art. 3 lit. d: Unfair competition by creation of confusion about origin of goods, services etc.
According to the basic notification from Liechtenstein, distributed as document IP/N/1/LIE/1, Liechtenstein has notified this law as being relevant in relation to all categories of intellectual property covered by the TRIPS Agreement. Notification of this Act as a main dedicated intellectual property law relates to the protection of layout-designs of integrated circuits and undisclosed information.