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ANNEX III NOTIFICATION OF LAWS AND REGULATIONS UNDER ARTICLE 63.2 OF THE TRIPS AGREEMENT - RELATING TO THE PROVISIONS OF ARTICLES 70.8 AND 70.9 With a view to meet Mongolia's obligations under Articles 70.8 and 70.9 of the TRIPS Agreement, Patent Law was adopted on 25 June 1993, effective from 1 September 1996. Law Amending Patent Law was adopted on 19 December 1996, effective from 1 February 1997. Parliament Resolution No. 40 adopted on 30 August 1996, established a unified Intellectual Property Office as a government implementing agency in the field of intellectual property. In accordance with these provisions as from 1 September 1993 the Intellectual Property Office of Mongolia receives applications for patents for pharmaceutical and agricultural chemical products in accordance with Article 70.8 of the TRIPS Agreement and, if the necessary conditions are met, has the authority to grant exclusive marketing rights in accordance with Article 70.9 of that Agreement.