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Federal Law on the Protection of Trademarks and Indications of Source of 28 August 1992 and its amendment of 16 December 1994
Definitions, existence of trade mark rights, guarantee marks and collective marks, national and international registration of marks, acquisition and scope of rights, opposition procedure, register of marks, civil and criminal law proceedings, administrative appeals procedure, customs measures, etc. Amendments in line with Arts. 53 and 55 of the TRIPS Agreement Amendments following the assumption by the Federal Institute for Intellectual Property on 1 January 1996 of the tasks of the Federal Office for Intellectual Property. Identification marks on watches, customs measures, etc. Proceedings and penalties under civil and criminal law. Provisional measures. Customs measures.
Most recent amendments: - Art. 72; adopted on 16 December 1994, entered into effect on 1 July 1995 (RO 1995 1781) - Arts. 10(2) and (4), 28(3) and (4), 40, 41(2), 43(2) and 45(2)