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Addition of Penal Provisions to Decree-Laws Nº 551, 554, 555 and 556 by Law Nº 4128
According to Law Nº 4128, three kinds of conditions and penalties have been defined for each of the industrial property rights (patents, industrial designs, geographical signs and trademarks) - False declaration and removing the signs: fine, ................ and 1-2 years imprisonment. - Extension of the rights without authorization: fine, ..............and 2-3 years imprisonment. - Infringement: fine, ..............and 2-4 years imprisonment, closing the enterprise for minimum 1 year. The above-mentioned provisions took place in: Decree Law Nº 551: Article 73/ ; Decree Law Nº 554: Article 48/ ; Decree Law Nº 555: Article 24/A; and Decree Law Nº 556: Article 61/A. These provisions are in line with Article 41 of the TRIPS Agreement.
See documents IP/N/1/TUR/P/1, IP/N/1/TUR/D/1, IP/N/1/TUR/G/2 and IP/N/1/TUR/T/1, respectively.