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Copyright and Related Rights
7. Please indicate whether the terms “public display” and “public performance” as used in Articles 20 and 21 of the Copyright Act include broadcast, transmission, rebroadcast and retransmission.
(a) Public display vs. television Paragraph 2 of Article 25 of the Finnish Copyright Act demonstrates that the exhaustion of right of display in Article 20 does not extend to television broadcasts or rebroadcasting. (b) Public performance vs. broadcasting Paragraph 3 of Article 21 excludes television because the most of the programme contents in television is considered to be cinematographic works, not only films but also most of other contents. As concerns sound radio broadcasts, special school radio programmes included in the programme flow of the broadcaster of that time, were mentioned in the 1950's in the legislative history of paragraph 1 of Article 21. Everything used in the sound radio broadcasts, even in the school radio programmes has been systematically licensed and agreed. Paragraph 2 of Article 21 has never been interpreted to cover broadcasting. No rebroadcasting or retransmission practices fall under Article 21.