Copyright and Related Rights
2. Please indicate where one can find the provisions on border measures and provisional measures.
The legal basis of "boarder measures" can be found in the Japanese Copyright Law and the Customs Tariff Law. Article 113 of the Japanese Copyright Law, stipulates that it is deemed an infringement on a copyright to import into Japan, for distribution, objects made by an act which would constitute an infringement on copyright at the time of such importation if they were made in Japan. The importation of objects made by copyright infringement is prohibited by Article 21 of the Japanese Customs Tariff Law and shall be punished by Article 109 of the Japanese Customs Law. As for the due procedures, special requirements related to border measures are provided by Articles 21bis and 21ter of the Customs Tariff Law. Provisions on "provisional measures" can be found in the Code of Civil Preservative Procedure which is one of general laws related to civil remedies. The Code is included in WTO document IP/N/1/JPN/1 titled "Notification of Laws and Regulations under Article 63.2 of the Agreement", which was issued on 1 March 1996.