European Union
IP Enforcement
- injunctions that have been issued (as defined in Article 44 of the TRIPS Agreement) and explain how such injunctions are being enforced;
In such cases, the courts issue the following injunctions: - order to desist from infringements of the protected right; - order to desist from activities threatening an infringement of a protected right. - order to remove the effects of the infringement made; - order to return benefits obtained from the infringement of protected intellectual property rights; - order to destroy goods (things) - forfeiture to the State Treasury of items serving to make copies of works protected under copyright, - order to seize goods, packages, and other items illegally bearing a protected trademark or a mark similar to it, or means used in advertising and affixing the goods with such trademarks; - order to publish an appropriate statement in the press; - adjudicating compensation of losses incurred by the entitled person due to infringement of his rights; - adjudicating a multiplied royalty due to the entitled person under his economic copyright entitlement; - adjudicating pecuniary compensation for harm suffered (non-economic loss) to the person enjoying moral rights under copyright; and - adjudicating a pecuniary contribution for a community purpose, upon such demand from a person entitled to moral rights under copyright.