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Industrial Designs
19. Please explain whether or not your legislation extends to the protection of designs dictated essentially by technical or functional considerations. Please explain how textile designs are protected.
The 1992 Patent, Designs and Industrial Models Law No. 44 defines in its Article 1 the industrial design as any form constituted by lines or colours, or any three-dimensional form that is primarily related to lines or colours, provided that it has a specific appearance and can be used as a model in industry or handicraft. The amendment of this article will distinguish between a drawing, which is any form of lines or colours, and the industrial model, which is any isometric structure. Textile designs are protected under the above-mentioned Law as industrial designs. The term of the registration of an industrial design is five years and it may be renewed for two successive periods (Article 48 of the above-mentioned law). The amendment will extend the period of protection to ten years as referred to in the TRIPS Agreement. Article 49 prevents third parties from using the industrial design for manufacturing any product and importing any product related to the industrial design or processing it for the purpose of offering it for sale or to sell it.