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Ambassador Eui-yong Chung (Korea, Republic of)
C.iii What is meant by a "system of notification and registration"
107. The representative of Malaysia, speaking on behalf of the ASEAN Members, recalled document IP/C/W/85, in which the Secretariat had prepared an overview of international registration systems for geographical indications. She suggested updating the document and preparing a comparative table of the existing systems; this would complement the comparative table prepared by the EC of existing proposals. She recalled that the Secretariat's paper mentioned that there were several notification and registration systems such as the Lisbon and the Bangui Agreements. She believed that it would be useful to draw from those experiences. A multilateral system in the TRIPS context should be a means used to facilitate the protection of geographical indications rather than an end by itself. Hence, the system the ASEAN countries were considering would be a simple one which would impose no new obligations upon Members, would not incur undue financial burden upon participating Members nor have any legal or financial obligation upon non-participating Members.