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Ambassador C. Trevor Clarke (Barbados)
B.i Cluster 1 (Legal effects and participation)
86. The representative of China thanked the European Communities for having clarified the flexibilities of the register proposal. His delegation was of the view that the GI multilateral register should cover GIs for all products to correct the current imbalance in the TRIPS Agreement. Noting the difficulties that developing country Members, particularly least-developed country Members, might encounter in dealing with applications from the future GI multilateral register and in making full use of it, his delegation believed that special and differential treatment should be fully addressed in any solutions. 87. China, as a co sponsor of TN/C/W/52 which was now supported by 108 Members, believed that after nine years of discussion, the three TRIPS related issues, namely the relationship between TRIPS and CBD, GI extension and the GI multilateral register, were politically and technically mature to enter into text based negotiations. Therefore, his delegation preferred that these three issues be dealt with in parallel.