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Ambassador C. Trevor Clarke (Barbados)
B.ii Meeting of 28 October 2009, p.m.
150. The representative of Argentina said that the term "responsibility" would imply a legal responsibility. If the Chairman was thinking of some sort of cooperation, this shed another light. Cooperation was a principle that did not create problems for his delegation. Cooperation could take place between countries with or without the register. However, if the notifying and consulting countries were to jointly examine the facts, it would then be a matter of "shared responsibility". In the case of cooperation, he could imagine that, if the authorities of the consulting country did not understand some information notified by the notifying country to the register, they would ask the latter. What bothered him was this idea of having to have joint consultations, which raised many problems. For example, what would happen if one of the two countries did not agree during the consultations?
The Special Session took note of the statements made.