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Ambassador Eui-yong Chung (Korea, Republic of)
C.ii.ii Costs
93. The representative of Chile said there were new elements emerging from the discussion that would need careful examination and assessment in his capital. With respect to costs, he said that there were certain global costs that had to be shared by all Members. Other costs would vary, depending on the situation of each Member. As the representative of Argentina had said, there were many elements that were submitted for consideration and it was, therefore, difficult to have a very precise idea of costs to be incurred in the various scenarios. He asked whether the Secretariat could draw up a list of the elements making up the costs: costs to the producers, to governments, to the Secretariat, etc., in a more structured form, so that participants in the negotiations could look at the various elements and put figures according to their own situation and make an assessment. In such a list, the Secretariat could perhaps give an indication as to the sources of information to which participants could refer in order to have more elements and evaluate costs based on the various scenarios or proposals.