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Ambassador Eui-yong Chung (Korea, Republic of)
C.ii.ii Costs
104. The representative of Chile said that the Special Session was engaged in good faith in a negotiation. Many participants in the negotiations did not have the capacity or the elements to assess the proposals. There should, therefore, be an assessment on the legal consequences of every proposal. Each country would have to judge how that would play with its own public policy, how that would impact on its consumers, producers, etc. Without those elements, it would be very difficult to ask many delegations to engage seriously in a discussion where rights and obligations and costs of different types were involved. What was being asked was not "speculation" but a list of items with costs involved under each scenario and any good administrator could prepare such a list. He warned delegations which opposed such a request that they should bear the responsibility of negotiations being slowed down because other delegations could only refuse if they did not have all the elements to take action.