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1. In May 1997, Slovenia made a supplementary notification to the TRIPS Council which, inter alia, contains the following explanatory note: "Protection of plant varieties is available through patent protection, as provided for in the Slovenian Law on Industrial Property, especially by virtue of Article 12 of the said Law. By this, Slovenia meets the requirements for the protection of plant varieties, in accordance with Article 27.3(b) of the TRIPS Agreement." 2. It should be further noted that the Slovenian Law on Industrial Property (LIP) does not exclude plants and animals from patentability. 3. Slovenia also wishes to inform the TRIPS Council that it has acceded to the Budapest Treaty on the International Recognition of the Deposit of Micro-organisms for the Purposes of Patent Procedure, which came into effect on 12 March 1998.

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Illustrative List of Questions Prepared by the Secretariat.

N.B. Please ensure that your responses to the questions above cover each category of subject matter specified in Article 27.3(b), namely micro-organisms, essentially biological processes for the production of plants or animals, microbiological processes, non-biological processes, plant varieties and other inventions concerning plants or animals.

Representative Questions for TRIPS 27.3(b) Review Submitted by the Delegations of Canada, the European Union (formerly European Communities), Japan and the United States