Welcome to the e-TRIPS section on IP Laws and Regulations notified under Art. 63.2

Article 63.2 of the TRIPS Agreement requires Members to notify the laws and regulations made effective pertaining to the subject matter of the Agreement (the availability, scope, acquisition, enforcement and prevention of the abuse of intellectual property rights). The procedures for the notification of national laws and regulations under Article 63.2 are contained in document IP/C/2. These procedures provide that, as of the time that a Member is obliged to start applying a provision of the TRIPS Agreement, the corresponding laws and regulations shall be notified without delay (normally within 30 days, except where otherwise provided by the TRIPS Council).

The options below allow you to search the database of WTO Members' notified laws and regulations. In particular, you can: (i) search, retrieve and download relevant documents; (ii) extract information of interest and generate customized reports; (iii) consult graphs and charts; and (iv) browse the list of Members having submitted relevant documents.