Information for Review under TRIPS Art. 24.2 (Checklist of Questions on GIs) - Customized Reports

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This feature allows you to extract information of interest from Members' responses to the Checklist of Questions on Geographical Indications (GIs), and generate customized reports. You can consult your customized report on screen, and download and print it in Word format.

There are 2 steps that you need to take to generate customized reports:

  • Step 1 - Search the e-TRIPS database by using the search fields; and
  • Step 2 - Select specific (or all) items or fields to be included in your customized report and generate it.

* You do NOT have to select all the search fields below (only fill the search fields that are relevant to your query).
* Please note that selected search criteria are cumulative and will all be reflected in your search results.