Welcome to the e-TRIPS section on Reports by Developed Country Members on the implementation of TRIPS Art. 66.2 (re. Technology Transfer to LDCs)

Article 66.2 requires developed country Members to provide incentives to enterprises and institutions in their territories for the purpose of promoting and encouraging technology transfer to LDC Members in order to enable them to create a sound and viable technological base. The Decision on Implementation of Article 66.2 of the TRIPS Agreement (document IP/C/28) provides that developed country Members shall annually submit reports on actions taken or planned in pursuance of their commitments under Article 66.2. To this end, they are to provide new detailed reports every third year and, in the intervening years, to provide updates to their most recent reports. These reports are to be submitted prior to the last Council meeting scheduled for the year in question.

The options below allow you to search through the database of Reports on the implementation of TRIPS Art. 66.2. In particular, you can: (i) search, retrieve and download relevant documents; and (ii) browse the list of Members having submitted relevant documents.