Welcome to the e-TRIPS section on Reports on Technical Cooperation Activities under TRIPS Art. 67

Article 67 of the Agreement requires developed country Members to provide, on request and on mutually agreed terms and conditions, technical and financial cooperation in favour of developing country and LDC Members. To ensure that information on available assistance is readily accessible and to facilitate the monitoring of compliance with the obligation of Article 67, developed country Members have agreed to present descriptions of their relevant technical and financial cooperation programmes and to update them annually. For the sake of transparency, intergovernmental organizations have also presented, on the invitation of the TRIPS Council, information on their activities.

The options below allow you to search the database of reports on technical cooperation activities under TRIPS Art. 67. In particular, you can: (i) search, retrieve and download relevant documents; and (ii) browse the list of Members and intergovernmental organizations having submitted relevant documents.