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Chinese Taipei
The Enforcement Rules of the Broadcasting and Television Law
Article 39: Before a videotape program is distributed or screened, the radio/television program supplying business shall submit a completed form of application together with the Videotape program, pre-screening fee and certification fee to the GIO for pre-screening. In the case of videotape programs not produced in-house, documents certifying the licensing of said programs shall be filled out and submitted along with the videotape. Article 43: If only one audio-visual device is used to broadcast or screen videotape programs, it shall be in accordance with the extent of broadcast/screening rights conferred. Article 45: Any ROC business that produces videotape programs on an OEM basis for export shall submit documentation with GIO for review and approval without subject to the limitation prescribed in Article 41, provided that the documentation indicates that the foreign party has licensed its rights pertaining to the programs to the business and it has been notarised by a government official or a legal notary agency or verified by a pertinent international copyright ownership organisation which is approved by the government.
As most recently amended on 18 March 1999. The amendment entered into force on 20 March 1999.