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Hong Kong, China
Trade Marks (Amendment) Rules 2006 (L.N. 62 of 2006)
Purpose of legislation To simplify the signing requirements of applications for registration of two kinds of trade mark transactions, i.e. assignments and assents, to facilitate the introduction of enhanced electronic services provided by the Trade Marks Registry. To clarify certain provisions in the Trade Marks Rules, e.g. those relating to the procedures to be taken by the Registrar of Trade Marks (the “Registrar”) as regards deficiencies relating to description of goods or services or the class(es) in the International Classification required to be specified, and relating only to part of the goods or services applied for in an application for registration of a trade mark; those relating to the publication by the Registrar of proposals to amend entries in the register consequent on changes in the system of classification of goods and services that have been agreed internationally; and those relating to the filing of documents with the Registrar.
Type of legislation Amendment of the Trade Marks Rules (Cap. 559 sub. Leg.)
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