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Protection of Geographical Indications Act
The protection of geographical indications plays an important role in commercial relations both at the national and international levels. Wrongful use of geographical indications is contrary to honest practices in industry and trade, is misleading for purchasers of the goods for which the indications are used and the persons who wrongfully use such indications secure an unfair advantage over their competitors. Geographical indications are applied to natural and agricultural products and to the products of handicraft and industry such as wood, sugar, fruit, wine, coffee, tea, tobacco, textile goods, woven goods. A geographical indication can contribute to the reputation of a product. It creates goodwill among consumers and can assist immensely in export promotion. The Act is designed to provide for a system of protection of geographical indications that is uncomplicated and which complies with international obligations in the field of intellectual property. Draft regulations to the Act are currently with Crown Law its status being that the regulations need to be redrafted according to drafting protocols and drafting instructions.