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Trinidad and Tobago
Patents Act 1996 (Act Nº 21 of 1996)
The Act makes provision in respect of future Patens and applications for Patents, for the protection of inventions to give effect to certain International Conventions on Patents and for related purposes. The Patent Act 1996 repeals Part 1 of the Patents and Designs Act, Chap. 82:83 (28 March 1996). The Patent Act 1996 creates the Office known as the Intellectual Property Office and placed a Controller in charge of the Intellectual Property Office. The Controller is given the responsibilities for the administration of all laws relating to Intellectual Property. (S 3[1]) The Patent Act introduces an examination system for the grant of a Patent right (as opposed to a registration system provided for in Chap. 82:83) and introduces the payment of annuity fees.