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Trinidad and Tobago
Protection Against Unfair Competition Act 1996 (Act Nº 27 of 1996)
This Act introduces legislation in the area of Unfair Competition and Trade Secrets. The Act makes provisions for acts or practices which constitute unfair competition and also make provision for acts or practices which may cause confusion and sets out examples when such confusion may be caused. The Act further deals with acts and practices in the course of industrial or commercial activities which amount to misleading the public and the discrediting of another's enterprise and activities. Parts of the Act deal with secret information and clarifies what may amount to disclosure and the circumstances in which such disclosure may result. Action under this Act goes to the Court. Trinidad and Tobago, by the passage of this piece of legislation has introduced such legislation for the protection of Unfair Competition and Trade Secrets for the first time. No administrative responsibilities are required for the operations of this Act. Its operation is placed in the hands of the Court.