European Union
Copyright and Related Rights
2. Please state how your legislation provides for the protection of the exclusive rights of authors in relation to their literary and artistic works, as specified in Article 9 of the TRIPS Agreement which requires Members to comply with Articles 1-21 of the Berne Convention and the Appendix to the Berne Convention (1971).
Under section 14 of the Copyright Act 1999, literary, dramatical, musical or artistic works fall under copyright, however, rights to these works only exist when the same is recorded in writing or otherwise. The owner of the work has the exclusive right to copy, issues copies to the public, publicly perform, broadcast, communicate to the public and adapt the work. These are certain exemptions to these by virtue of Parts IV and IX of the Act. The exemptions are particularly in terms of public interest. The copyright exists at the end of 50 years after the end of the calendar year in which the author dies.