Saint Kitts and Nevis
Copyright and Related Rights
1. Please explain exceptions or exemptions of the National Treatment and Most-Favoured-Nation Treatment under the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Law, if any, as permitted in Articles 3 and 4 of the TRIPS Agreement.
In accordance with Art. 6 of the Berne Convention, Sections 145 and 146 of the Saint. Kitts and Nevis Copyright Act enable the Minister, by Order, to restrict or allow protection to works and nationals of any country specified therein. Section 145 allows the Minister to order that the provisions of the Copyright Act can apply on bases including nationality/ habitual residence, place of incorporation for bodies corporate, nature of the works and place of publication or performance. Section 146 confers a power on the Minister to restrict protection to countries that do not provide adequate protection to works of Saint Kitts and Nevis (SKN).