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Patents (including Plant Variety Protection)
35. Please explain how your legislation explicitly ensures that a proposed user has made efforts to obtain authorization from the right holder on reasonable commercial terms and conditions and that such efforts have not been successful within a reasonable period of time. In this context, how do you define "reasonable period of time". Please also explain how your legislation ensures that the use of a compulsory licence shall be authorised predominantly for the supply to the domestic market of the Member authorizing such use.
Section 34(4) provides a request for the Minister's authorisation to exploit a patented invention shall be accompanied by evidence that the owner of the patent has received, from the person seeking the authorisation, a request for a contractual licence, but that that person has been unable to obtain such a licence on reasonable commercial terms and conditions and within a reasonable time. What is reasonable is not defined in the legislation but will be determined by the Court based on the circumstances of each matter. Section 34(9) mandates that the exploitation of the patented invention by the Government agency or third person designated by the Minister shall be predominantly for the supply of the market in Saint Kitts and Nevis.