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European Union

Report under TRIPS Article 67 from Germany for the period of July 2020 - July 2021.

Due to the corona pandemic some visits and meeting have been cancelled in 2020 and 2021.

List of programmes/projects

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# Title of programme or activity Start date Beneficiary Members or observers  
1 Expert Group Meeting to Review the Study "Towards a Common Investment Area in the African Continental Free Trade Area: Policy Options Towards Levelling the Playing Field for Intra-African Investment" 17/09/2020
2 UNCTAD/WHO joint webinar on Pandemic preparedness beyond COVID-19: Investing in vaccines production and supply for LMICs 03/03/2021
3 African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA): Intellectual property rights 01/07/2020 Angola; Benin; Botswana; Burkina Faso; Burundi; Cabo Verde; Cameroon; Central African Republic; Chad; Congo; Côte d'Ivoire; Democratic Republic of the Congo; Djibouti; Egypt; Eswatini; Gabon; The Gambia; Ghana; Guinea; Guinea-Bissau; Kenya; Lesotho; Liberia; Madagascar; Malawi; Mali; Mauritania; Mauritius; Morocco; Mozambique; Namibia; Niger; Nigeria; Rwanda; Senegal; Seychelles; Sierra Leone; South Africa; Tanzania; Togo; Tunisia; Uganda; Zambia; Zimbabwe
4 Supporting and up-grading the institutional, technical and raising awareness capabilities of the Egyptian Patent Office (EPO) 02/01/2020 Egypt
5 Protection and Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in Serbia 01/02/2019
6 Autumn School on Media Law as a part of the project of the German Federal Foreign Office "Supporting young legal talent in Armenia 2020" (was postponed to January 2021) 25/01/2021 Armenia
7 Autumn Academy as part of the media law project of the German Federal Foreign Office in Georgia 30/11/2020 Georgia
8 Online-seminar on the Hague system for the international registration of industrial designs 17/09/2020 Kazakhstan
9 Online-seminar "Collective Management of Copyright and Related Rights" 15/10/2020 Kazakhstan
10 Online-meeting of the Working group on the Draft Law on improving legislation in the field of intellectual property with international and national experts 08/12/2020 Kazakhstan
11 Online-Seminar on the protection of unregistered in-dustrial designs, 29 June 2021 29/06/2021 Kazakhstan
12 Online-Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights 20/05/2021 Montenegro
13 11nd International theoretical and practical online-conference "Intellectual Property Rights: Challenges of XXI Century" 10/11/2020 Russian Federation
14 Virtual "study visit" on the subject of intellectual property 12/03/2021 Russian Federation
15 Round Table (online) of the Commercial Cassation Court within the Supreme Court of Ukraine on "Intellectual property: Development of legislation and evolution of commercial proceedings" 31/03/2021 Ukraine
16 PPH programme China
17 Webinar 02/05/2021 Albania
18 Webinar 25/03/2021 Egypt