Actas - Consejo de los ADPIC - Ver detalles de la intervención/declaración

Ambassador Choi Hyuck (Korea)
90. The Chairman recalled that, in paragraph 37 of the Hong Kong Ministerial Declaration, Ministers had expressed their concern about the lack of progress on the Category II special and differential treatment proposals that had been referred to other WTO bodies and negotiating groups, and had instructed these bodies to complete the consideration of these proposals expeditiously and report periodically to the General Council, with the objective of ensuring that clear recommendations for a decision be made no later than December 2006. They had also instructed the Special Session of the Committee on Trade and Development to continue to coordinate its efforts with these bodies, so as to ensure that this work was completed on time. 91. He said that, on 6 March 2006, he had received a letter from Ambassador Burhan Gafoor, the Chair of the CTD Special Session, asking him to provide Ambassador Gafoor with the latest information on progress made and the present status of work, so as to enable the latter to report to the meeting of the Special Session of the CTD on 20 March 2006. 92. Furthermore, the Chairman said that he had held consultations on these proposals referred to the Council and suggested that, in the light of these consultations, the Council authorize him to report to the General Council that the situation remained as reported in July 2005 in document IP/C/36, that the TRIPS Council reiterated its recommendation, and that no further action was otherwise needed.