Actas - Consejo de los ADPIC - Ver detalles de la intervención/declaración

Ambassador Karen Tan (Singapore)
123. The representative of India said that he appreciated the efforts of Brazil to develop a model form for technical cooperation projects. In that context, he also recalled the proposal by Brazil as contained in document IP/C/W/513 about the linkages between the work in the WTO and the work in WIPO. The model form prepared by Brazil would undoubtedly contribute to transparency of technical cooperation projects. He recognized the importance of technical cooperation and capacity building in the TRIPS Agreement from the viewpoint of developing countries. Like Brazil, he saw a clear link between the work in the TRIPS Council and the 14 recommendations on technical assistance and capacity building issues contained in Cluster A of the WIPO Development Agenda that had been adopted by the WIPO General Assembly in 2007. Some of the recommendations referred to the TRIPS Agreement and one recommendation specifically referred to the agreement between WIPO and the WTO. Cluster A of the Development Agenda provided a relevant guiding framework for discussions in the TRIPS Council. Technical assistance activities should be demand-driven, transparent, neutral and accountable, and take into consideration the special needs of developing countries, in particular LDCs. This would facilitate effective compliance with the obligation to provide targeted technical cooperation programmes for LDCs.