Actas - Consejo de los ADPIC - Ver detalles de la intervención/declaración

Ambassador Karen Tan (Singapore)
Estados Unidos de América
126. The representative of the United States recognized Brazil's continuing interest in technical cooperation. The US report on the implementation of Article 67 of the TRIPS Agreement that had been submitted for the Council's October 2009 meeting provided a detailed account of US efforts to work together with its trading partners to provide such assistance. Regarding Brazil's paper concerning the Development Agenda and the recommendations that the WIPO Committee on Development and IP had been tasked to implement, she said that the United States had been actively and constructively involved in that WIPO Committee since its establishment in October 2007, as well as in the earlier provisional committee on the development agenda, and would continue to be engaged with the work of that Committee in order to contribute to its continued success. The WIPO Committee on Development and IP had had four meetings thus far, with the fifth planned for April 2010. Although much work had been accomplished, the Committee was still in its formative stages. The Committee was working with the WIPO Secretariat to establish the proper and necessary steps to be taken to implement each of the adopted recommendations, including programme and budgetary issues related to implementation. Those recommendations expressly concerned the work of WIPO and many did not make sense outside that context, as they concerned the core mission, responsibilities, capabilities and resources of WIPO. To presuppose outside of the working and functioning of the Committee how those recommendations should apply to WIPO and its activities was highly inappropriate, particularly at this nascent stages of addressing the Committee's task of implementation.