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Mr. Martin Glass (Hong Kong, China)
Angola en nombre de Países menos adelantados
209. The representative of Angola, speaking on behalf of the LDC Group, said that access to affordable medicines by the majority of LDCs to address public health concerns relating to tuberculosis, HIV and malaria was a matter of life and death. The LDC Group considered the adoption of the Decision of 6 December 2005 to amend the TRIPS Agreement in order to respond to the difficulties experienced by countries with insufficient or no manufacturing capacities to be an important milestone. It was, however, disheartening to note that five years since the adoption of the Decision few Members had deposited the instrument of acceptance of the amendment. It was important to establish why countries were not coming forward so that corrective measures could be taken. The LDCs welcomed the informal consultations on 12 May, 3 June and the previous morning that had been held in order to get a sense of where the impediments lay to the ratification process and how their removal could be facilitated, including through expedient ratification of the amendment by individual countries. LDCs considered that such a workshop would be relevant to prepare Members to address the issue of ratifying the amendment to the TRIPS Agreement in regional and national technical assistance and capacity building activities undertaken by the Secretariat. He said that LDCs were ready to follow the consensus on how to address this important issue.