Actas - Consejo de los ADPIC - Ver detalles de la intervención/declaración

Ambassador Dacio Castillo (Honduras)
I.i Arrangements for the annual review
121. As regards the preparation of those reports, the Chairman recalled that, at the February 2012 Council's meeting, under "Other Business", the Secretariat had briefed the Council on its on-going implementation of the recommendations for savings and more efficient use of resources made by the Budget Committee (WT/BFA/128) and adopted by the General Council. The decision, in particular, instructed all Chairs to work with Members to reduce the overall volume of official documents submitted for production. These measures might include, inter alia, reducing the length of reports, annexes and statements without jeopardizing their content or the appropriate reflection of specific Members' positions. The notifications on Article 67 activities represented one area where the Council produced a very significant amount of invaluable documentation, containing information which could be difficult to access and review to get an overall picture of developments. In view especially of the obligation on the Council to look for areas of potential improvement in the processing and management of documentation, including to identify cost savings and to improve accessibility and usability of information, he proposed that the Secretariat be invited to identify ways of facilitating the submission, processing and circulation of this information, so as to ease the burden both for Members submitting information and for Members consulting this information. This would be done without prejudice to the existing framework for Council documentation, Council procedures and the rights and obligations of Members. He further proposed that the Secretariat be invited to consult with delegations at a technical level and report to the Council at its next meeting.