Actas - Consejo de los ADPIC - Ver detalles de la intervención/declaración

Ambassador W. Armstrong (New Zealand)
Estados Unidos de América
G.iii.a Review of the application of the provisions of the section on geographical indications under Article 24.2
58. The representative of the United States said that his delegation had concerns about how the work in relation to topics under Article 24.2 might be ordered. At its meeting last November, the Council had proceeded through a very extensive review process which had focused on, inter alia, implementation of the TRIPS provisions on geographical indications in Members obliged to comply with these provisions and his delegation was still in the middle of digesting the results of that meeting, which had produced a large amount of information. His delegation was working on the assumption that it would be able to come back, at the Council's meeting scheduled for 15 July 1997, with any further questions that might seem appropriate on any issues that had not been fully addressed in November. He believed, therefore, that it was appropriate to focus at that meeting on revisiting the question as to what could and should be done beyond what had already been done in the review of national implementing legislation. Additional thoughts and non-papers that might be forwarded to the Council would be considered once obtained. His delegation was also looking forward to additional information from the review in November consisting of notifications that still needed to be made with respect to geographical indications.