Informe de los países desarrollados Miembros sobre la aplicación del párrafo 2 del artículo 66 del Acuerdo sobre los ADPIC (transferencia de tecnología a los PMA) - Ver detalles del documento

European Union

The Czech Republic provides financial incentives to the enterprises and institutions in its territory in order to promote and encourage technology transfer to least-developed country Members and Observers in the wider framework of its development cooperation. Selected projects with technology and know-how transfer component, developed in cooperation with the beneficiaries, are listed below.

Lista de programas/proyectos

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# Nombre del programa o proyecto Miembro(s) beneficiario(s) Categoría de la tecnología  
1 Czech Perinatology Hands Fly to Cambodia (maternal and newborn care in a newly built perinatology unit)
Health-related technology
2 Interlocking Bricks for Kashitu
3 Smart Technology Transfer for Ethiopia
Information and communications technology
4 Safer Roads in Ethiopia Through Identification of High Risk Locations
Information and communications technology