Leyes y reglamentos en el marco del párrafo 2 del artículo 63 del Acuerdo sobre los ADPIC - Ver detalles del documento

Copyright And Related Rights Act
In relation to the former Act, copyright law has been revised and adjusted to the technological development and digital environment. Act sets down rules for digital and cross border uses of copyright protected works and subject matter, adapts exceptions and limitations to copyright and related rights and provides for measures to facilitate certain licencing practices and wider access to content. Thus, the Act transposes provisions from EU Directives 790/2019 and 789/2019. Apart from compliance with this EU-level reform, further additions and improvements were made in the following areas: copyright protected work created in the course of employment, creation of copyright protected work on commission, creation and use of copyright protected work in specific areas, wider regulation of press publishers' right, more specific rules for rights that are managed in a collective manner, as well as adaptation of rules for collective management of rights for independent management entities, clarification of rules applicable to adapted works and amendments and revision of misdemeanors in this area of law.
The Official Gazette of the Republic of Croatia No 111/2021
State Intellectual Property Office of The Republic of Croatia Ulica grada Vukovara 78 10000 Zagreb Croatia https://www.dziv.hr/en/