Leyes y reglamentos en el marco del párrafo 2 del artículo 63 del Acuerdo sobre los ADPIC - Ver detalles del documento

Block Exemption Communiqué on Vertical Agreements Communiqué No: 2002/2
The purpose of this Communiqué is to determine the conditions for exempting in block vertical agreements, from the application of the provisions of article 4 of the Act on the Protection of Competition. Vertical agreements which involve provisions related to the transfer of intellectual rights to the purchaser, or their use by the purchaser, together with the regulations about the purchase, sale or resale of goods or services shall also benefit from the block exemption provided for in this Communiqué, on condition that the said intellectual rights directly concern the use, sale or resale, by the purchaser or the customers of the purchaser, of the goods or services which form the substantial subject of the agreement, and that the transfer or use of such intellectual rights does not constitute the main purpose of the agreement.
See also IP/N/1/TUR/2 (Act no 4054 on the Protection of Competition)