Leyes y reglamentos en el marco del párrafo 2 del artículo 63 del Acuerdo sobre los ADPIC - Ver detalles del documento

Federal Law on the Protection of Trademarks and Indications of Source
Definitions, existence of trademark rights, guarantee marks and collective marks, national and international registration of marks, acquisition and scope of rights, opposition procedure, trademarks register, civil and criminal proceedings, administrative
(Article 36: entered into force on 1 January 1994)
Most recent amendments: Articles 9, 10, 13 and 17(a); heading preceding Article 27(a); Articles 27(a) to 27(e), 30, 31, 35, 35(a) to 35(c), 41, 47, 48, 48(a) to 48(d), 49, 49(a), 50, 50(a), 51(a), 54, 56, 61, 62, 64 and 70 to 72: adopted on 21 June 2013 a
Institut Fédéral de la Propriété Intellectuelle (Federal Institute of Intellectual Property)