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Derecho de autor y derechos conexos
8. Please state how your legislation grants the retroactive protection provided pursuant to Article 18 of the Berne Convention (the obligation of which derives from Article 9 of the TRIPS Agreement) and Article 14.6 of the TRIPS Agreement.
This is accounted for in Articles 63 and 64 of the draft Law on Copyright and Neighbouring Rights. While Article 64 provides that the new Law shall come into effect upon its publication in the Official Gazette, Article 63 provides : The provisions of this Law, with the exception of Articles 49 to 53, shall apply also to works, performances phonograms and broadcasts dating back to before the date of the coming into effect of this Law, provided that the term of protection had not expired under the previous legislation or under the legislation of the country of origin of such works, performances, phonograms or broadcasts that are to be protected or under an agreement or treaty to which the State of Bahrain is party. The Law shall not effect contracts on works, performances, phonograms and broadcasts concluded before the entering into force of this Law.