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1. Please explain whether and how Norway's law provides protection for works, phonograms and performances from other WTO Members, and whether and how it does so on the basis of national treatment, as required by TRIPS Article 3 (generally, with respect to all copyrights and neighbouring rights) and Article 9.1 (incorporating Berne Article 5(1)). In particular, please explain how national treatment is with respect to the distribution of levies for private copying under the relevant provisions of Norway's copyright law.
Regulation No. 5 of 10 April 1964 and Regulation No. 1288 of 22 December 1989 (both with subsequent amendments) implement the obligations to foreign rightholders stemming from the various international treaties to which Norway is party, into the Norwegian Copyright law. These regulations are issued pursuant to Section 59 of the Copyright Act. Amendments will currently be made to these regulations to comply with the national treatment clause in the TRIPS Agreement. As Norway is party to the Berne Convention, Norwegian copyright law is complying with the national treatment clause in Article 5.1 of the Berne Convention. Consequently, only minor adjustments are needed. The Norwegian Copyright Act has no provisions on levies for private copying.