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Observancia de los derechos de propiedad intelectual
Medidas provisionales
34. Article 50.5 requires that competent authorities be authorized to require applicants to supply other information necessary for the identification of goods concerned by the authority that will execute the provisional measures. Please describe briefly what other information may be required by the authorities and cite the legal authority establishing the basis for this supplemental information.
Where interlocutory relief is granted, the Courts will usually include in the order that summons in the principal action be issued within a prescribed order. The Courts have the power to impose reasonable conditions when exercising their discretion in granting interim relief, such as a condition that, if the principal action is not instituted or if the applicant fails to prove its allegations in the principal action, it agrees to be liable to the respondent for damages suffered. See Hillman Bros (West Rand) Pty Ltd v Van den Heuvel 1937 WLD 41; Chopra v Sparks Linemas (Pty) Ltd 1973 (4) SA 372 (D); and Stellenbosch Wine Trust Ltd v Oude Meester Group Ltd 1977 (2) SA 221 (C).