Observancia de los derechos de propiedad intelectual
12. Is the right holder informed of identities of the importers and consignors when the competent authorities "suspend" the goods which infringe intellectual property rights or which are suspected to infringe intellectual property rights as well as the case where the right holder is informed of identities of the importers and consignors stipulated in Article 57 of the TRIPS Agreement?
The above-mentioned Act does not contain any provisions concerning the information about the identities referred to in the question. Also in this respect the provisions in the European Union Council Regulation apply. In principle, the customs authority shall, at the request of the right-owner, inform him about the person who has submitted the customs declaration and about the receiver, if he is known. Also, the authority shall give the right-owner and other persons who are affected by any of the actions taken a possibility to inspect the goods.