Observancia de los derechos de propiedad intelectual
15. Please explain the procedures to appeal against any decisions ordered by the competent authorities based on Articles 51 and 55 of the TRIPS Agreement.
As mentioned above, decisions by the customs authority in matters concerning the suspension of infringing goods may be appealed against to the administrative courts. Detailed provisions in this respect are contained in the Act on Administrative Procedures (Act 1971:291). In principle the proceedings are conducted in written form. The decisions by a County Administrative Court may be appealed against to the Central Administrative Court in order for the matter to be considered by that Court, only on special conditions, for instance that it is of importance for the judicial practice that the matter is reconsidered or where there is a special reason to change the decision by the County Administrative Court. Decisions by the Central Administrative Court may be appealed against to the Supreme Administrative Court, which will, however, only consider the matter if there are very special reasons to reconsider the lower Court's decision.