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(a) Civil judicial procedures and remedies

(b) Administrative procedures and remedies

(a) Judicial measures

(b) Administrative measures

2 Since l972

3 N.B.: Prior to Customs Law Nº 4458, amended Article 21 of Law Nº 1615 and inserted Section Seven of the regulation on its implementing provisions, which provides parallel provisions on suspensive arrangements except ex officio action, have been in force as from 1 January1996.

4 Inserted by the Amending act Nº 4128, dated 7 November l995

5 Inserted by the Amending Act Nº 4128, dated 7 November l995.

6 Inserted in the Amending Act Nº 4128 dated 7 November l995.

7 General Circular, Serial number 36, O.J. 16 December 1999, Nº 23908, pp. 21-22.

8 All the data has been taken from the General Directorate on Judicial Records and Statistics of the Ministry of Justice. See