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Ambassador Karen Tan (Singapore)
Angola au nom de Pays les moins avancés
N.ii Operation of the Paragraph 6 System
176. The representative of Angola, speaking on behalf of the LDC Group, said that the LDC Group considered the adoption of the Protocol Amending the TRIPS Agreement in 2005 in order to respond to difficulties experienced by countries with no or insufficient manufacturing capacity to be an important milestone. He noted with disappointment that, since the adoption of the decision, only few Members had deposited their instruments of acceptance of the Protocol. It was important to establish why countries were not forthcoming so that corrective measures could be taken. The LDC Group welcomed the 12 February 2010 informal consultation undertaken by the Chair regarding potential impediments to the ratification process and how this could be facilitated. During that meeting, proposals had been made to hold workshops to address any difficulties encountered and to map out the way forward which could be expected to help expediting the ratification process by individual Members. The LDC Group supported this proposal. He said that the issue of ratifying the amendment of the TRIPS Agreement should also be a regular feature in national and regional technical assistance and capacity building activities undertaken by the Secretariat.